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Our Philosophy

At Altitude Physiotherapy we evaluate, restore and maintain your maximum mobility and physical function. Treating a wide variety of conditions, ranging from sporting injuries through to rehabilitation from major orthopedic surgery, fractures or joint injuries. Other common complaints include neck or back pain and overuse injuries, which are also the areas of expertise of our physiotherapists.

On your first visit, a thorough assessment of your condition is conducted.  This allows the physiotherapist to determine the most efficient and appropriate treatment program for you.  This is tailored specifically to your goals and needs.

Our Physiotherapist


Experience: Physiotherapist & Orthopedic Manual Therapist with experience in neuro- orthopedic dysfunctions. Direct experience in spine, hip and shoulder girdle disorders. Focus on biomechanical and tensegrity in therapy solutions.
Function: Physiotherapist
Education: 2007 - 2013 Josef Pilsudski University of Physical Education Physiotherapy, Master's degree
Courses: Manual Therapy Kaltenborne- Evjenth, Prorioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Basics of Neuromobilization Technique for Treating Spinal Pain, Kinesio Taping, Classical Massage Training, Fascial Distortion Model (FDM)
Specialization: Spine disorders, pelvic & shoulder girdles dysfunctions, orthopedic rehabilitation, myofascial therapy.

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