The Grind -2020

The ultimate test of fitness is back!

Due to insistent public demand, we are bringing back the Partner Throwdown with a new format.We will have 2 separate categories . All Male Partner and all Female Partner

Event Date: 6th-7th of March 2020

Event Time: tba

Event Place: Sharjah Golf And Shooting Club

Registration Fee: 500 AED


Male Team

1st Place: 3000 AED

2nd Place: 2000 AED

3rd Place: 1000 AED

Female Team

1st Place : 3000 AED

2nd Place : 2000 AED

3rd Place : 1000 AED

*Plus goodies from our sponsors

The grind is open to all crossfit athletes and fitness individuals, however we expect that they obtain the required movements, skills and weights;

Skills Standards
Pull ups For reps
Handstand push ups For reps
Double unders For reps
Toes to bar For reps
Rope climb For reps

Movements Weights
Snatch male 60kg
Snatch female 40kg
Clean & Jerk male 100kg
Clean & Jerk female 70kg
Deadlift male 120kg
Deadlift female 100kg

At THE GRIND, Reps are earned, not given

Registration is Closed