What is Crossfit all about?

CrossFit is quite simply the sport of fitness. Rather than excelling in a single dimension, such as being able to squat 200kg or run a marathon in a few hours, we view fitness as a whole made up of several constituent parts.

“Its like having a personal trainer every session”

CrossFit encompasses not only strength, speed and cardiovascular endurance, but also power, stamina, co-ordination, agility, balance, flexibility and accuracy. A CrossFit athlete is capable of performing across a broad range of tasks and is equipped to deal with the many varied physical challenges that they might encounter in life.

In our gym we program constantly varied functional movements – those found in real life. In this way we train our athletes to use the basic mechanics of their bodies to greatest effect and therefore maximize the amount of work they can carry out in a set time frame. In other words, we encourage our athletes to carry out efficient, varied and rewarding high-intensity workouts based upon their ability.

“CrossFit is elite, but is by no means elitist”

The focus on intensity ensures the most rapid physical adaptations by the body. The good stuff: fat loss, muscle gain and improved physical functionality all progress at a much faster rate than you’d experience in other gyms and our friendly, experienced staff will be on hand to guide you face-to-face every time you step into our facility. It’s like having a personal trainer every session.

“We will get to know you and we will notice when you’re not around”

As part of your training you will experience a wide range of new and exciting challenges, incorporating movements from disciplines as diverse as Olympic lifting, gymnastics and Strongman. We will help you to develop new skills in a safe and fun class-based format regardless of age, gender or previous experience. CrossFit is elite, but is by no means elitist and as such is for everyone to experience, enjoy and benefit from.

“Community is integral to CrossFit”

Community is integral to CrossFit and here at Altitude the Box we are no exception. We are not a faceless corporation lifting your hard-earned cash by direct debit every month. We have a vested interest in your fitness because our clients are our best advert and because through our community-driven personal approach we will get to know you and we’ll notice when you’re not around.

“We will help you to develop new skills”